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Host your server with OpenBSD : full documentation


I am proud to annouce the release of "Host your server with OpenBSD" :

[http] Host your server with OpenBSD

[gemini] Host your server with OpenBSD

For years now I maintain a document written in french explaining how to (self-) host a server with OpenBSD. It used to be a book. However, I wanted to keep up to date with last changes, so it became a wiki then a website with a public git repository. Since there was no contributors, it is now just a website with sources archive available.

I finally translated it to english.

I suppose it is not perfect since I'm not a linguist. However, it is at least a thing, and I can only improve it.

This documentation explain how to set up a web server, a mail server, a DNS server and much more. The idea was to use as much as possible OpenBSD's base tools, trying to explain some fundamentals without replacing already existing official documentation and keep things simple.

I hope you'll enjoy it 😊.

Do not hesitate to tell me if you find errors, suggest improvements -- at -- or talk about it around you.


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