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Going gemlog-only


I used to publish content on my http website and gemini capsule. It's over now, all my blog entries will be gemini-only available.

However, I keep atom feeds still available using http since few feeds readers support gemini yet. And I love RSS/ATOM feeds.

Actually, you even can read my feed with a recent browser since I discovered the existence of xslt.

The funny part is that while I was cleaning and rethinking the way I write on by blog -- now gemlog --, f6k told me about shinobi websites. They are RSS/ATOM only blogs, and I really like the idea.

I keep most pages readable through http(s) AND gemini, they are notes and more mature writings (I hope). The gemlog is more about long thougts and tryouts over time. For very short thougts, there is my twtxt.

My gemlog's atom feed


Shinobi website


my twtxt's ATOM feed.