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Back on twtxt with an atom feed (update #2)


I wrote some time ago about twtxt :


Mostly, my usage was to bookmark interesting urls so I can find them later.

Since, I am attracted to go back to networks like Mastodon (or ActivityPub like). Community is great, and I like to share with others.

However, I don't like the whole "retweet" or "boost" or "followed by nth users" or all those ad-like-ego-masturbation stuff. Some even use mastodon (or alike) as a way to communicate, dabate, exchange messages, and I hate this : there is XMPP or email to speak to others.

On the other hand, I enjoy reading peoples RSS feeds since they are public. I think there are quick thoughts one might share and it don't fit well in a blog since it's very short.

That's why I've decided to use a bit more twtxt.txt, it's an answer to the above issues that suits me, and it can be hosted by anyone EVERYWHERE (even on gemini :)). (I plan to write a twtxt gemini client...). It's easy to add or remove content, and it is light -- at least much lighter than a database behind mastodon.

Because I like reading others feeds, I set back my twtxt.txt atom feed.

I rewrote a script that was rotting on my hard drive for too long : twtxt2atom. Now, it output valid ATOM feed (according to W3C). It's written on OpenBSD, Linux users should modify sha256 to sha256sum.

There it is with comments : twtxt2atom.tgz

Now I plan to use twtxt.txt more often, and follow other's twtxt.txt since I currently don't really do.

UPDATE 1 : Instead of percent encoding reserved characters, which is sensitive, I use "CDATA".

UPDATE 2 : now you can write "<![CDATA[ stuff ]]>", especially "]]>" (why ?) in a tweet without having an error.

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