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What if there is no more internet ?


Solène recently wrote an article "What if Internet stops?" and ask for other's opinions.


Like a physicists wonders what happens when a force disappear to understand an equilibrium situation, I must say I like such questions. What if...?

At first, I thought like Solène : save human kind knowledge. This means Wikipedia dumps at least.

Save important personal data too, mostly pictures and memories.

(Note to myself : print your favourite family pictures.)

Also, I thought : some games are like piece of art and must be kept safe. Music too.

Then I wondered : "what for do you use your computer?"

The answer makes me wonder...

I use it for my work. documents for my lessons. But actually, my best lectures are the ones without computer presentation but with more experiments and intelligence shared beteween students. So... meh.

I use my computer to communicate over the Internet (mostly emails, blog reading and XMPP). No internet means less time spend watching cats on youtube, drama about the color of a dress, reading jokes here and there while sitting on the toilet.

Seriously, I would miss the opportunity to meet great people, some with who I feel closer than my own neighbours. Taht would be a pity. So, backup those persons adress to write them letters (some around Lyon, other at Not-in-Canada-Montreal, even some in cities called something-over-Meu :))

On second thought, saving Wikipedia is probably not so relevant. Except programming, which is useless if computers disappear, almost everything I know doesn't comes from the Internet. The most important is already in good books like printed encyclopedia. Of course, if there is no Internet anymore, you won't be able to read the Kardashian's Wikipedia page. And this page probably doesn't exist in the library encyclopedia.

Is it bad?

Infact, stupid stuffs like Kardashian's hype probably exists only because of internet. No internet, no need to learn about it.

When searching "Top 100 Most Visited Websites by Search Traffic", it seems that most website are visited to look for/understand/waste time on other websites. I don't see anything in the top 10 I couldn't replace or stop using :


What I mean here is that Internet self-feed itself and let us think it has become something we can't live without.

Big joke.

Try to live one entire day without screens. Shut down the house power and tell everyone with a very convincing voice :

Oh no, there is a problem at the power plant. (/quavering/) What a pity.

Then, go out, play with your kids, invite friends to eat marshmallow over a wood fire, sing songs, play hide and seeks, walk in the forest, gather some flowers, paint some stones to spread in the town to decorate, bring a pie to your grandma, watch the clouds, build a hut, listen to the wind, read a book at the candle light, write a letter to a long time no see friend, listen to music or dance, make love under the stars.

not necessarily in this order ;)

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