Your server keep records of its activity. It is often stored in text files called "logs". You can find most of them in "/var/log" and "/var/www/logs".

You'll consider amongst others :

There are more.

I advice to read them from time to time to check everything works as expected. You can see them in realtime with the following command :

Je vous conseille de les consulter de temps en temps afin de vérifier que tout fonctionne comme prévu. Vous pouvez les afficher avec la commande :

tail -f /var/log/messages /var/log/daemon /var/log/maillogs /var/log/authlog

Soon, you'll notice new files ending with ".0.gz", ".1.gz"... Those are archived logs. To avoind endlessly growing logs, OpenBSD run periodically "newsyslog" command and compress archives if necessary.

You can configure newsyslog if you edit "/etc/newsyslog.conf". You may add new lines if an application create logs not listed :

/var/log/messages                       644  5     300  *     Z
/var/log/authlog        root:wheel      640  7     *    168   Z

As usual, read man newsyslog(8) to learn more about this file.