Gopher protocol is the precursor of widely used http. However, some still use it to transfer files and serve mostly text content.

You'll have to open 70 port.

Put the files you want to serve in "/var/gopher", they will be available on gopher://athome.tld.


geomyidae server is written in C by one of suckless developpers.

To install it :

# pkg_add geomyidae
# rcctl enable geomyidae
# rcctl start geomyidae

That's it, now fill "/var/gopher" 😊.

However, I strongly recomment to read geomyidae manpage to edit default flags. As example, you may want something like this :

# rcctl set geomyidae flags -e -h athome.tld -b /var/gopher/athome.tld

Logs are in "/var/log/geomyidae.log".