What is a VPN?

VPN stands for "virtual private network". As the "private" suggests, the network created is "hidden" from the great internet.

Most of the time, VPN are used to bypass ISP restrictions, secure a public WiFi access or hide from a government monitoring.

There are various VPN tools, each offering pros and cons.

Here, we'll discuss Wireguard, OpenIKED and a bit of SSH. The two lasts are already very well documented in OpenBSD documentation. They all are available in base install.

A bit of vocabulary

In the following pages, we'll use as designations :

We'll configure "roadwarriors".

roadwarrior... what does that mean ?

Roadwarrior describe a setup allowing a client from any origin to reach the Internet through the VPN. Thus, the VPN servers appears to be the actual identity of the client, hiding it in the process.

A bit further, we'll describe how to set up your server so you get a fixed IP provided by the VPN. It becomes useful if your ISP doesn't provide static IP or if your server is travelling for some reasons.