It is realy easy to virtualize an operating system wit OpenBSD thanks to vmd.

Well, that's nice, but what virtualizing means ?

Instead of installing different OS on different computers, you can install an OS inside your current OS. The virtualizer fake to be a full device and run an OS installed on a disk, which is in this case a simple file.

It is very handy since :

However, it require more resources.

Before going further, make sure we use the same vocabulary :

OpenBSD offer 3 tools for virtualization :

First of all, check if your hardware can virtualize :

$ dmesg | egrep '(VMX/EPT|SVM/RVI)'

If the result isn't empty, it's all good 😊.

Don't forget to upgrade firmwares if needed : "# fw_update".

To add a new virtual machine, you will always :

1. Install in a new disk file with vmctl.

2. Configure vmd to manage this client automatically.