Webapps you can host

There are numbers of webapps : Wikis, Blogs, CMS, Webmails...

Most of the time, you'll need PHP and sometimes a database engine to run them.

⚠ Make sure to check official documentation related to each webapps, and check release notes as long as you host these apps to keeps your install secure.

Most of the time, the steps to install a webapp are the same.

Nice webapp selection

There are so many webapps you may ask yourselves which one you should consider. Below I suggest a few of them with a few requirements :

One can appreciate :

Where can I find other apps to host ?

Look on alternativeto.

This github selection is well filled.


Attachments size are 35M by default with smtpd mail server, that's why you should edit php-*.ini configuration :

post_max_size = 35M
upload_max_filesize = 35M

You have to set this limit in httpd's configuration too :

connection max request body 36700160